Saturday 21 September, 2019

Rape Crisis Society to probe claims of unprofessional questioning

A woman has accused two counsellors with the Rape Crisis Society of being unprofessional after they allegedly questioned her sexual orientation. 

In a Facebook post, she detailed her experience during the sessions saying that she was gaslit on both occasions.

Identifying herself as queer, she said she was worried those who identified as other than heterosexual would not receive the proper therapeutic support they need as she said they are regularly met with violence in accessing services. 

In a statement, the Rape Crisis Society said it was made aware of the woman's experience via social media. 

Stating that inclusivity, impartiality and non-discriminatory practices form part of its values and standards, the organisation assured that a thorough investigation would be conducted into the allegations made.

The Rape Crisis Society added that while staff is exposed to annual capacity building training seminars, it will continue to expand training to its staff "in so far as resources allow such to be done".

Below is the full statement from the Rape Crisis Society: 

On Saturday 20th April 2019, the Rape Crisis Society (RCS) learnt via social media of a client's account of an experience she had while undergoing a counselling session at the organisation.

The client's post, detailed her experience allegedly with two Counsellors whom she accused of being unprofessional as it pertained to her sexual orientation.

The RCS is a long-standing organisation with values and standards founded upon inclusivity, impartiality and non-discriminatory practices and we take all reports regarding our staff seriously and we commit to undertaking a thorough investigation into the allegations that were made by the said client.

Whilst our Staff is exposed to annual capacity building training seminars, RCS will continue to expand training to our staff in so far as resources allow such to be done.

Safety, security and the overall wellbeing of our clients and counsellors alike remain a top priority for our organization.

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