Saturday 4 April, 2020

Rihanna does it again: photoshopped Queen Elizabeth is back!

Rihanna's latest photoshopped picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

Rihanna's latest photoshopped picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

Rihanna is in a celebratory mood and she is once again using Queen Elizabeth as part of her artistic expression.

The Barbadian superstar took to social media to express her excitement about becoming a Parson School of Design honouree tomorrow. 

Her collaboration with the fashion school is all for charity as the line of products will help support the Clara Lionel Foundation, while also assisting Haitian artists.

So where does Queen Elizabeth the II come in? On Rihanna's Instagram page.

She posted a photoshopped photo of the monarch's head on her body, with the caption:

"When you bout to be a @ParsonSchoolofDesign honoree tomorrow."

This is the second time she has posted altered photos of the Queen, with the previous racy pictures generating much debate among persons - especially Brits.

However, the most recent photo is the less risque dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

Take a look at the Instagram post below.

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