Saturday 22 February, 2020

Roadside vending on Charlotte Street begins today

Roadside vending along Charlotte Street begins today, with changes in place from previous operations to ensure the smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

The Port-of-Spain City Corporation indicated that vending is permitted on Charlotte Street on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only, from 6 am to 8 pm daily on predetermined sides of the street, from Duke St to Independence Square North.

Vending has been licensed until December 31, in accordance with the Municipal Corporation's Act.

A total of 63 vendors have registered officially and have signed the license agreement which is necessary by law to make the process legal.

Vendors were informed of the process at meetings and consultations held over the last two days. 

A police presence is expected on Charlotte Street and will be enforcing the law. Those who have yet to register and sign the license agreement are required to do so before they are allowed to vend.

The Corporation's management team has been empowered to manage the vending initiative and the team is aware and has been asked to treat with the concerns of all stakeholders, including the vendors, the Charlotte Street Business places, the Belmont Taxi Association and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The area of the Belmont Taxi stand must remain as clear as possible for the safe and efficient servicing to passengers.

Vendors are advised that the established rules of the programme should be followed and particular emphasis must be placed on public health guidelines including continuous cleaning, and the non-obstruction of sidewalks, passageways, driveways or nearby business places, as per the License agreement.

The latest initiative by the Corporation is geared toward revitalising the Central Business district as per the City Council's strategic direction.


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