Saturday 19 October, 2019

Rochard Douglas school cleaned after student stung by scorpion

Image via California Academy of Sciences.

Image via California Academy of Sciences.

A thorough cleanup exercise was carried out at the Rochard Douglas Presbyterian Primary School on Wednesday following the discovery of a scorpion in one of its classrooms. 

A male student was stung by the scorpion and had to seek medical attention at the nearby Rochard Douglas Health Centre. 

The Education Ministry said the activity was done to ensure the health and safety of all students and teachers.

The Ministry indicated that three First Year classes were relocated and the area cordoned off, while the furniture and cupboards in all classrooms were thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

The Ministry instructed the groundsman to cut the lawns, remove the debris, and wash the drains and walkways.

Meanwhile, the Vector Control Unit of the Health Ministry has been called in to spray the entire compound and surrounding areas.

Parents were invited to tour the compound to witness firsthand the cleaning and sanitisation exercise.

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