Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Rowley unfit to lead T&T, UNC PRO says

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has again demonstrated why he is not fit to lead the country.

That’s according to the United National Congress (UNC) which slammed the Prime Minister for a comment made during the debate on the 2018 Budget on Thursday which it said degraded T&T’s women.

Rather than address the issues plaguing the country, including rising crime, job losses and the failing economy, the party’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Anita Haynes, said the Prime Minister chose to degrade the women of this country.

In making his contribution to debate on the Budget, Rowley likened the upkeep of golf courses to the grooming of women.

She said it was only the latest in a series of sordid comments made by the Prime Minister during his time in office.

“In response to rising food prices under his government his solution was that women should learn how to “peel cassava”; he referred to our children as hyenas and monsters; in response to high crime he told women he is not in our bedrooms and we should choose our men wisely; he showed us his listening skills when he said, “She could bark at meh dog, because I go ignore she cat”.”

Haynes said he continued to sink to new lows with his jammetry comments and now this latest comparison of women to golf courses and references to grooming.

“Rowley’s comments once again show that he has no respect for women and certainly no respect for the office that he holds and Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.”

“It is clear this is not the first time and there is no indication that it would be the last; Rowley in the past has remained unapologetic and firm in his misogyny.”

The UNC PRO said the country cannot progress with this kind of leadership in the face of videos of school violence on social media and a lack of respect for one another when the Prime Minister uses a national platform to show that he has no respect for women.

Haynes said she was certain the Prime Minister would not apologise for his remark and would instead once again ask the women of his party to defend the indefensible.

However, she urged citizens to demand better of the country’s leadership.

“…as a nation we must say enough is enough, because leadership is meant to set an example.”

She also expressed her disappointment over female MPs who demonstrated their support of the Prime Minister’s comments, describing it as “a thoroughly disappointing display.”

Haynes noted that his comments came just one day after T&T joined the international community in celebrating the International Day of the Girl.

She reiterated her call for citizens to let their voices be heard and let the Prime Minister know that women are not like golf courses.

“It is time for us to be bold and let Dr Rowley know we will not shut up and we will let our voices be heard. His misogyny will no longer be tolerated, and it will not be ignored. 

It is time for us to demand the respect we have earned!”

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