Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Rowley's New Year's Day message: Let us return to our human hearts

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is appealing to families to pause, and pay more attention to both their children and the elderly.

In his New Year's Day message to the nation, Rowley said as we close 2019, opening a new year, and poised for a new decade, some may greet the cross-over with religious solemnity, and family gatherings while others may choose to continue with the merriment of the season.

He noted that it is the time, when we all tend to come together as a community, when our year-round differences disappear, replaced by expressions of intimacy, care and love for all those we meet.

However, he said in a few hours, a few may revert to cold, indifferent lives, communicating mainly with their distant, on-line friends, rather than extending these warm, genuine, human feelings to their children, their partners, persons on the street, or those sitting next to them.

The Prime Minister noted that it is said that one of the greatest tragedies of modern-day life is that humans have become disoriented, alienated from themselves, and deep down they are lonely.

He is therefore urging citizens to pay more attention to their children, as well as the elderly.

"But let us all start with our children. Yes, our jobs demand most of our waking hours, but we have to be concerned with those we have brought into this world.  The human infant of all the mammals is said to be the most helpless, therefore, from early life a child’s first need is to bond with its parents.

As such, much of the crime and violence we see today can be traced back to persons carrying emotional wounds, with vague feelings of being unwanted in their early life.

So, from today let us all return to our human hearts; let this be the period when we all return to our homes, giving our children their needs, preparing our families, with daily, emotional programmes of love, joy and happiness."

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