Sunday 20 May, 2018

San Juan woman questioned over guns found in barrels

A 27-year-old woman from San Juan is in custody aiding police with their investigations into a cache of firearms and ammunition which were found in shipping barrels earlier this week.

Officers are also reportedly searching for a suspect, said to be from the Maraval district, who was named as a consignee for the barrels.

According to police reports, a total of three AR15 rifles, one shotgun, one sniper rifle, 153 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, and an estimated 150 rounds of assorted ammunition including  7.62mm rounds, and magazines, were found and seized in five barrels at the Customs Bond Shop named Piarco Air Services on Wednesday.

The items, which were said to have been broken down into parts and carefully wrapped in plastic, were secured in barrels which contained several household items including flour, dog chow and other grocery items.

(Photo: Ammunition concealed in a bag of flour)

The barrels, police said, were said to have been shipped from Canada.

The woman was detained when she arrived at the El Socorro compound to claim the items.

She claimed she was given money from a person she knew to simply collect the items and was also promised several of the grocery products which were shipped, and that she did not know that there were illegal items being transported within.

More on this as it becomes available.