Saturday 5 December, 2020

Sandals International visits TTHTI to screen students for externship

Representatives from Sandals Resorts International paid a visit to the Trinidad and Tobago Hotel and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) on Thursday to interview students to take part in a six-month externship opportunity at one of Sandals’ several properties throughout the region.

The annual externship allows students to experience a range of work experiences in line with the varied programmes that TTHTI offers including the culinary arts, hotel operations, food and beverage and event management.

“Primarily because Sandals has the complete process of an all-inclusive model, they would have the full range of tourism offerings that travellers or guests would want to enjoy on a property,” said Brian Frontin, CEO of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Association.

“So from tours, events, dining, food and beverage management, operational control, etc., students would have the ability to be placed across a range of work experiences that are actually directly in line with the programmes they pursued at TTHTI under that internship and mentorship by very season training managers.”

The relationship is a significant one, considering that TTHTI the only institution that Sandals representatives have visited in the Caribbean.

Speaking more on the strategic partnership that TTHTI enjoys with Sandals, Dennise Demming, Chairman of the TTHTI, stated that it was one that has historical significance.  

“The partnership actually started when Sandals began their own internships. They’ve been visiting TTHTI to interview and place students to take part in externships at properties around the region.”

Demming added that TTHTI students have a competitive advantage over other tourism and hospitality students around the world.

“TTHTI students are stacked against those from several countries around the world, such as Scandinavia, and yet we are still a preferred place to source students. One of the reasons why is the quality of the product that we have here [TTHTI] and the kind of student that we’re able to put on the market.”

Since 2012, over one hundred students have been placed in externships throughout the region. For 2017, approximately 40 students will be screened and sit before a 2-person panel; at least 50% are expected to be placed.

Sandals recruits TTHTI students for externship

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