Saturday 18 January, 2020

'Sandman's' funeral will NOT be held at Las Cuevas Primary School

The Ministry of Education is seeking to clear things up as it relates to rumours that the Las Cuevas Government Primary School will be utilised to hold the funeral for reputed gang leader, Vaughn "Sandman" Mieres, on Friday as advertised in social media posts.

In a statement on Thursday night, the MoE said it has not granted such approval. It added that applications for the use of Government buildings and grounds are considered based on certain criterias and as such, requests for funerals cannot be facilitated. These categories are:

Category A

- Meetings of an educational, social or cultural nature or exhibitions of value to the welfare of the community, functions of national interest or by school-related groups e.g. Parent Teachers’ Associations, Local School Boards, Past Students’ Associations etc.    

Category B

- Fund raising functions for charitable causes or by service organisation e.g. concerts, recitals, drama festivals.

Category C

- Political and religious conventions, seminars and workshops.

Category D

Dance, Bingo, other shows by persons or users not confirming to category A or B.

Category E

- Use of school grounds only for sports, meetings, tournaments.                                                                       

"The Ministry of Education has well-established restrictions governing the use of Government school buildings and grounds, thus the Ministry is unable to grant permission for the Las Cuevas Government Primary School to host the funeral service."

The statement did not say whether approval was sought for the funeral service.

Last Wednesday, Sandman, his wife Lety and two other men were gunned down by assailants who later escaped by boat.

One person was arrested so far, in connection with the crime.

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