Friday 4 December, 2020

Sandra Hordatt finds her wings with Sandi's Angels

Costume designer Sandra Hordatt hasl launched her new venture, Sandi's Angels.

Costume designer Sandra Hordatt hasl launched her new venture, Sandi's Angels.

Over the last 20 years Sandra Hordatt has made her name in the Carnival space as a costume designer.

She has designed for bands such as Tribe, Rogue, Bliss and other bands in the Caribbean.

A creative with lots of dreams, she limited herself to Carnival, churning out work to simply earn but not profit from.

“At this age dots started to connect. I have always been creative and always had a lot of dreams and passions but I just focused on Carnival so much that I didn’t plant any other seeds,” said the 45-year-old.

She noted that with her costumes and swimwear brand Mood Swings, it seemed that even though she was the one with the talent, she wasn’t the one to benefit financially from her creations even as she tried to live a lifestyle above her means for her now 15-year-old son.

“I was in a hamster wheel,” she told Loop, candidly acknowledging that she grappled with issues of self-love and belief that kept her back from fully realising her potential.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant restrictions which has seen a complete shutdown of the Carnival industry, offered Hordatt the opportunity to really examine herself, do the necessary introspection and focus on her passions.

She meditated daily and hatched out a plan.

That plan is known as Sandi’s Angels, a line of casual wear clothing.

Sandi's Angels is for everyone

“Sandi’s Angels came about because I lost my whole crew of friends. Life changes, perspectives change, I was left here by myself. I have this brand, Sandi Nation, and it is all on me. I started to think, if I develop a brand called Sandi’s Angels, I could develop my angels to go on the road and look good and less pressure on me,” she said, noting that initially the line was targeted to Carnival and since Carnival was all about the look, she didn’t have to personally rep the brand on the road.

Realising early that Carnival may not be a reality in 2021 and with the restrictions forcing people to spend more time at home, she pivoted the concept to suit that.

With the tagline, ‘Sleepwear for Every Wear’, Sandi’s Angels clothing is designed to be worn at home or for a quick run somewhere. You could dress it up with accessories or a pair of jeans or just look cute at home.

The clothing, made mostly in satin, comprises slip dresses, robes, lounge dresses, joggers, capris and bralettes.

Each style, said Hordatt, comes in eight colours that you can mix and match.

The line is targeted to females from children to adults and includes plus sizes.

Hordatt said her brand is for everyone and all body types and hopes to do a men’s line in the near future.

Sandi's Angels is for kids as well

Describing Sandi’s Angels as a luxury brand with an affordable price, Hordatt said the pieces will range from TT$200 and up.  They will be available for sale on her website which will be launched soon.

“I want everybody to know what it feels like in these outfits. When you put on these pieces you feel different,” she said.

All her pieces were manufactured locally.

Hordatt, who hinted about the new venture on her birthday in May via her Instagram account, said it has been a journey with lots of trial and error.

Nevertheless she is excited about the prospects and where her brand will grow.

Already, she has orders from Virginia and New York.


Sandi's Angels is luxury you can afford

“We hope to take over the world and go international,” she said, thinking of expansion into body products down the road.

Sandi’s Angels is a personal triumph for Hordatt and a fitting celebration of a significant milestone in her career.

“This is my 20th anniversary in Carnival and all my plans went straight down the hill. I am not losing this celebration, I had to find a way to celebrate it and I am proud to diversify in such a rough time,” she said.

“This is one of the things I want to tell people, it is a daunting time and money is low but if you find something you are passionate about and you work really hard towards it every single day, the money comes, angels come. They see the drive and the passion and they come. I have aligned myself with people I thought were angels in the past but I wasn’t in the right place so I wasn’t attracting the right humans, so me, being in the right place now, attracted the right people. This brand is all about energy.”

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