Monday 19 August, 2019

Sat Maharaj fires back: TV Jaagriti responds to circulation of photo

T.V. Jaagriti says it has noted the circulation of a photograph throughout social media which depicts its CEO Satnarayan Maharaj and one of the senior police officers who was involved in the ‘raid’ of its offices by police officers on Thursday.

It comes after Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith in a statement on Friday, dismissed claims of a raid and provided the photograph of Maharaj along with the senior police.

Griffith said Maharaj was shown the search warrant and peacefully cooperated with officers.

However, T.V. Jaagriti in a statement on Saturday said the image is being touted by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and certain agenda driven social media commentators as evidence that the actions of the police were lawful.

“It is troubling that the TTPS, a body which has as its core function the gathering of evidence in order to unearth and prosecute criminality, has sought to place sole reliance on a single

photograph to convince the public that its actions were justified,” it said.

T.V. Jaagriti added that it would have expected its claims of unlawfulness by the officers who visited the office to be properly investigated.

“ Further, having regard to the issues which were raised contemporaneously by Jaagriti T.V. over the manner and conduct of the TTPS on the day in question, as law abiding citizens and as an exemplar corporate citizen, we would have expected the upper echelons of the TTPS to conduct a proper investigation to determine whether the TTPS's activities through its officers on Thursday were unlawful, high-handed, unnecessary and at any rate effected in circumstances which were unduly hostile,” it said.

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