Sunday 29 March, 2020

School recalls book list asking for disinfectant, garbage bags

A South Trinidad primary school has recalled a book list which included items such as disinfectant, bleach and garbage bags after objections were raised by some parents.

A source at the Ministry of Education confirmed to LoopTT that the original document was recalled and a revised list is available for collection at the school’s security booth.

The source clarified that items listed on public school book lists must be in line with what is approved by the Ministry of Education’s Textbook Evaluation Committee.

Only books which have been approved by the Ministry are to be included on book lists, the source said.

The update said parents are not required to purchase the non-school items.

The list was shared online with some commenting that the additional items such as paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, a tea towel and disinfectant, should not have been included on the list.

However, some commented that some schools receive minimal funding and perhaps the list was created in an attempt to get much-needed supplies.

This is normal I have been purchasing these stuff since my child started preschool now she is going a private primary school and we have to purchase these stuff plus pay for photocopies every term is not a big deal it helps the school in the long term see about more important stuff,” said one mother.

“Some parents could barely afford to feed and send their kids to school, pay rent/ mortgage, bills, how can they afford these additional items. Have no problem with stationery items but cleaning supplies. Do you all who are all in favour of this; know that MTS supplies cleaning supplies, sanitiser, garbage bags, liquid soap for washing hands, toilet deodorisers to the schools which they’re assigned to?” Another person said.

“So by the time my child ready to attend school they might tell us to send a whole supermarket,” said one man.

This is nothing new. They cut funding every year so the parents have to help out even if they can barely afford the book list teachers and administrators also pay for many things out of pocket so the children will be comfortable,” said another.

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