Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Scotiabank ATM upgrades nearing completion

Photo: Scotiabank, corner Cipero and Rushworth Streets, San Fernando. Credit: Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo: Scotiabank, corner Cipero and Rushworth Streets, San Fernando. Credit: Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago.

Scotiabank customers can now pay their credit cards at any of the bank’s 67 enhanced ATMs outside of regular banking hours. 

This, as Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago is in the process of upgrading its ATMs, complete with new functionalities to help customers conduct their business faster, easier and more securely.

Last year, Scotiabank was the first to introduce next generation ATMs also known as Intelligent Deposit Machines (IDMs) to Trinidad and Tobago at its Digital Branches - Price Plaza and Scotia Centre enabling faster, smarter banking.

Stephen Bagnarol – Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago said: “As part of our commitment to Trinidad and Tobago, we’ve made significant investments in the IDMs to provide our customers with the very best digital and overall banking experience.”

The network of IDMs has been expanded from six last year to 67, which Bagnarol said is deployed across 90 percent of Scotiabank branches.

The technology of the IDMs enables customers to do more at the ATM 24/7 than they were able to before. These include bill payments, funds transfer and envelope free deposits.

The devices now include new functionalities for additional transactions to be done at the ATM, eliminating the need to do these in branch at the teller. 

Through this new functionality customers can now make cash payments directly to their credit card by inserting their credit card at the ATM.

There are also new convenient pre-set payment options to select Minimum Payment, Amount Due and Outstanding Balance. 

The introduction of the credit card payment feature at the ATMs provides primary and supplementary credit card holders with another way to make payments directly to their credit card without having to do so over the counter in the branch.

Another new feature of the IDMs is the ability to change your PIN.

Scotiabank customers with an active Scotiabank EMV Chip Debit or Credit Card can now change their PIN at the ATM.

Bagnarol said all these additional features ensure Scotiabank customers stay safe during the pandemic.

“While we have introduced these new functionalities at the ATM, reducing the number of transactions that need to be completed at the teller, helping our customers stay home and stay safe during this pandemic remains our top priority,” he said.

“Online banking is free, easy and secure from the comfort of your home by using Scotia OnLine and the Scotia Caribbean App. I encourage our customers who are not yet using our online channels to follow the how to guides available on our website or reach out to so we can help them get online,” he concluded.

Visit tt.scotiabank.com to find out more on how Scotiabank’s Intelligent Deposit Machines can help make your self-service banking experience both faster and easier.

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