Thursday 29 October, 2020

Scotiabank's new digital banking series a hit with seniors

Photo: Ruby Spencer. Credit: Scotiabank.

Photo: Ruby Spencer. Credit: Scotiabank.

As citizens continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’, so too has the banking sector.

Accounting for these changing times, Scotiabank is doing its part to ensure that its senior clients, a more vulnerable group of citizens, stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic as they conduct banking transactions.

Through its Banking with Confidence initiative, Scotiabank is empowering senior citizens to help them get comfortable with navigating the digital banking landscape.

When the bank kicked off its Digital Seniors Series in July, 85-year-old Ruby Spencer was a participant in the programme.

The San Fernando resident, who describes herself as “independent” told Loop News COVID-19 restrictions limited her mobility and her ability to keep on top of bill payments.

She said: “During the COVID shutdown, I was advised not to go out. I didn’t have online banking so during that time my bills were just piling up.

When I was able to go out again, I had five months [of bills] to pay.”

She said, had she gotten online banking earlier, she would not have found herself in that position.

Spencer said it was for this reason when her granddaughter told her about the initiative she grabbed up the opportunity to learn about online banking.

She attended in-person training sessions which were facilitated under strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols and prior to the spike in local virus spread.

Spencer, who only recently started using a computer, learned to add and manage recipients, transfer funds and view and save monthly account statements, as well as the fundamentals of navigating the online world. 

She expressed her elation about learning how to add payees and pay bills using Scotiabank’s OnLine Banking.

Since then, Spencer has been learning how to master the use of the platform to check her balance and pay her bills.

While she said it will take her some time to get more accustomed to using these services and move from novice to master status, she admitted the experience has been a great one. She said she is committed to continuing to learn more about the digital banking platform.

Spencer said she is especially pleased that she is able to stay safe and do her banking at home and has already recommended the programme to two of her friends.

“I told them [her friends] about the programme because it is not safe for us to go out as before right now.”

“I know many people like me don’t want to go out and this is a convenient and safe way to conduct your banking transactions,” she added.

Spencer, who said she benefitted immensely from the programme, urged other seniors to get online banking so they can stay home, stay safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

Stephen Bagnarol, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago said the bank is committed to continuing to empower its senior clients to bank with confidence.

He said: “Supporting our senior customers throughout this pandemic remains a key focus for us. It is important that they continue to stay home and stay safe as they are the most vulnerable in our communities.”

He was pleased to hear about Spencer’s experience participating in the programme and using Scotiabank’s online services.

“I am happy to hear that Ms. Spencer has learnt how to pay her bills online! Our Seniors initiative really helps give them the confidence to bank at home and we remain dedicated to proactively reaching out to them to guide them through the process.”

The information hub for seniors guides these clients through all of the possibilities that digital banking has to offer and will be particularly useful as customers continue to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19.

The digital hub includes OnLine Banking tips, step by step guides, information on understanding the safety and security of OnLine Banking and more. Step by step guides are also available on Scotiabank’s website.

The bank’s dedicated digital support team is available via email to help seniors and all customers learn about online banking and the ease and convenience it adds to their lives.

To learn more about the Bank with Confidence Initiative, click here.

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