Friday 20 September, 2019

Seales: SRP photos have caused 'irreparable damage' to TTPS image

Photos being shared across social media of a uniformed female Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer posing inappropriately have done irreparable damage to the image of the Police Service.

Police Service Social and Welfare Association (PSSWA) President Michael Seales told LoopTT that the Association is aware of the situation which has troubled them considerably.

He said following a meeting of the Association to discuss the matter, the consensus among female officers is that the transit officer should be immediately punished.

The female officers believe she should be dismissed, as they say the photos could invite sexual attacks and send a signal that it is okay for men to fondle women.

What is more troubling, he said, is that the matter would shame not only the Police Service, but the country as the photos would be shared around outside of the country.

Seales said, however, that the SRP officer needs to take responsibility for her actions.

Regarding disciplinary action that could be taken, Seales said the Permanent Secretary within the National Security Ministry will have to make a decision, which could be as much as terminating her contract, but a final decision would lie with Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams.

Also weighing in on the situation, the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) said it has no jurisdiction to pursue an investigation into photographs posted online and shared across social media of a uniformed female police officer posing inappropriately.

The PCA has the authority to exercise its functions only in relation to: criminal offences involving police officers, police corruption and serious police misconduct. 

The current matter, however, does not fall under any of these three categories.

Further, the Police Service Regulations do not apply to SRPs, so the concept of “serious police misconduct” is also inapplicable to SRPs. 

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