Tuesday 16 July, 2019

Second Canadian company begins exporting ganja oil to Cayman

A Canadian medical marijuana company announced on Tuesday that it had completed its first shipment of edible cannabis oil to the Cayman Islands.

This is the second time a Canadian based company has exported cannabis oil to the island; CanniMed Therapeutics was the first, reporting on May 3, 2017 that it had successfully exported  12,960 ml of ganja oil the Cayman Islands.

The use of cannabis oil for medical purposes was legalised in the Cayman Islands in 2016. 

Peace Naturals Project Inc in release on Tuesday revealed that their product was purchased by Caribbean Medical Distributors, who work with a pharmacy service located in the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital in George Town.

The cannabis company also offers medicinal cannabis (ganja) varieties, in addition to their two flagship edible cannabis oil products: Omega and Cerene.

How the ganja oil works

According to the company website, the product comes with 1ml eyedropper, once the dosage amount is measured it can be added to food or be consumed on its own.

A 30ml bottle of the company’s product retails for between $75- $99 CND, which is approximately, $49- $64 CI.

According to Peace Naturals’ website, their products are “are not designed to eliminate underlying medical conditions”.

Instead, Peace Naturals say their “mission is to make our clients’ lives a little bit better by making their symptoms more manageable.”

Earlier in 2017, Peace Naturals issued a  voluntary recall of 74 lots of dried marijuana and cannabis oil, according to Health Canada, “two samples of leaves collected tested positive for piperonyl butoxide at low level concentration of 0.78 parts per million (ppm).”

Health Canada further revealed that it had only received one adverse reaction report related to Peace Naturals Project Inc.'s products sold affected by the recall.

Cronos Group, formerly known as Pharma Can Capital Corp, acquired Peace Naturals in late 2016.

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