Monday 17 June, 2019

Sekon Sta to tap into father's music for first 'Fete-Cert'

Nesta Boxill aka Sekon Sta

Nesta Boxill aka Sekon Sta

Don’t call it a concert, it will be a Fete-Cert!

That’s the word from Nesta Boxill, known as Sekon Sta, about his very first solo concert.

Sekon Sunday will be held on Sunday, January 13 and will see the artist following in the steps of his friends and colleagues in the business in taking the reins of his very own event.

However, he stressed that his will be a show with a difference.

“At a concert, you go to be seen and entertained. With this Fete-Cert my objective is to ensure that you act as though you are in a fete. The vibe will be that of a fete vibe but you can enjoy the entertainment on stage,” he explained.

Sekon Sunday will be held at Crew’s Inn in conjunction with party brand The EEEmpire. Sekon Sta describes the event as an evening wear event in which he is selling prestige.

He is also promising to cater to the ladies.

“I make it my duty to ensure women are properly taken care of. I believe I have a large body of work that targets women, I have an extensive amount of songs for women.  It will be a woman’s wonderland with a two for one special for ladies,” he said.

An exciting feature of the Fete-Cert will be Sekon Sta’s performance of his father’s songs. It's been 20 years since Merchant, a calypsonian who contributed vastly to the songbooks of top calypsonians of his time, passed away.   

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Sekon Sta has shied away from singing any of his father’s music as he sought to establish himself as a bonafide songwriter and artist.

Now that he has made a name for himself with songs such as ‘Kings and Queens’, ‘Aye Yo’, ‘The Best’ and 'Maximum’, Sekon Sta is ready to embrace his reputation as the son of a creative genius. 

 He is currently working on a remake of one of his father's songs but is keeping it a secret until the show.

“It is educational,” he said of the experience delving into his father’s music. “I don’t have a great memory of my father, he died when I was young but doing this has made me researched the person that he was and I realise I have a lot of traits he had. He had a talent and for him, he didn’t see the big fuss in it and I am the same way.”

He said looking at his father’s work, he has learned how to be simple, effective with minimal words. In addition to  Sekon Sta's performance, patrons will be treated to a full complement of artists. 

Sekon Sunday will feature Sekon’s peers: Preedy, Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman, Ricardo Drue, V’ghn from Grenada, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal, King Bubba, who did Sekon Sta's first big release, Teddyson John and many, many more including a friend from Jamaica.

“The cast will represent what Sekon Sta is. I am going to have my peers and the entertainers I worked with throughout the years and specially invited guests,” Sekon Sta told Loop.

Tickets for Sekon Sunday are $200 and are available at all Shoeaholics outlets, Stefano’s, West Mall, P. Noire Vou Fashion, Santa Maria Plaza, Mucurapo Road.

The show will run from 4 pm to 10 pm.

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