Saturday 30 May, 2020

Sesame Street teaches children to deal with trauma

Sesame Street has been that show where many of us learned to spell, read, pronounce difficult words and learn to get along with people different than us.

Now, the company behind the show, Sesame Workshop, is teaching kids how to deal with trauma as part of its Sesame Street in Communities campaign. 

"When a child endures a traumatic experience, the whole family feels the impact. But adults hold the power to help lessen its effects. Several factors can change the course of kids’ lives: feeling seen and heard by a caring adult, being patiently taught coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, and being with adults who know about the effects of such experiences," a blurb on the site says.

The lessons on trauma are presented in a series of Sesame Street videos and materials for parents, providers and caregivers to help little ones deal with adverse events.

Topics range from the value in hugging and teaching kids a safe, nonverbal way to express and release anger to confidence and explanations on traumatic experiences. 

The cast of muppets: Elmo, Big Bird, Count and Rosita are used to help children cope. The Count, for instance, demonstrates how counting helps to calm his nerve while Elmo shows how he builds a blanket fort as his safe place when he is scared. 

The resources are all free to the public.



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