Monday 13 July, 2020

Seven people assisting police with $5M airport heist investigation

Seven people are said to be aiding police in their inquiries into the theft of $5 million dollars from the cargo facility of the Piarco International Airport on Wednesday.

However, police sources said that contrary to some media reports, these seven people are not suspects in the robbery, but victims and eyewitnesses to the incident.

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These individuals were said to have been questioned yesterday and allowed to leave. 

The heist is being investigated by a team of officers under the supervisions of DCP Hackshaw, Snr Sup Boxill, Snr Sup Ajith Persad, and Snr Sup Daniel, among several others.

The daring armed robbery took place around 11:25 am yesterday at one of the cargo facilities at the Piarco International Airport, off the Golden Grove Road.

Police were told that a group of armed men robbed a cargo cart of a quantity of cash which was destined for the First Citizens Branch in Tobago.

According to eyewitness reports, three masked men, who wore uniforms resembling that of regiment officers entered the compound in a vehicle. 

When the cargo cart arrived, the men, armed with what appeared to be high-powered weapons, reportedly exited the vehicle, forced agents to lie on the ground and robbed the cart containing the cash.

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The source said no security agents were visible at the entrance to the cargo compound at the time and that the vehicle had been waiting for some time before the cargo cart arrived. 

Later that day, a black Toyota Hilux, believed to be the vehicle used by the assailants, was found abandoned in Oropune Gardens.

The vehicle was seized and was expected to be dusted for fingerprints.

More on this as it becomes available. 

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