Sunday 29 November, 2020

Shocking claim: Parents give children laxatives to party

Some parents are being accused of practising dirty business as Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh says they are giving their children laxatives to cause them to be hospitalised to allow them to party during the Christmas and Carnival season.

Deyalsingh made the scathing accusation while speaking in the Parliament on Friday.

“Some parents deliberately give their children broclax to induce diarrhoea so they go to the A&E complaining of diarrhoea and you have to keep them. There is no law against giving your child a laxative on Carnival Friday. That, madam speaker, is what this public health care system has been doing from time in memoriam and because it is free, it is abused.”

Broclax is a chocolate laxative used to treat constipation or clean out the intestines before a bowel examination or surgery.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister responded to questions regarding patients living at hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago. He said some Trinidadians have a habit of using seasons which are popular for socializing and partying, to drop their parents and children off at the hospital.

“Christmas and Carnival are when children take their parents to be housed at the public expense in public hospitals because they want to go up north for Christmas and for Carnival they start to dump their children into the public health care system from Carnival Friday. They don’t come Carnival Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and miraculously they appear to collect their children Ash Wednesday.”

The Minister said there are 18 persons living at the San Fernando General Hospital because their family members left them there. He said across the health care system are 51 patients who are long-stay.

“Many of these patients are left there by their families because their families don’t want to take care of them at home. Across the healthcare system, there are 51 patients in all, who are long-stay patients, that’s the size of a small private hospital.”

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