Friday 19 October, 2018

Silky anteater rescued by hunter

The nocturnal animal was rescued by the hunter in the Santa Flora forest from a group of people, presumed to be poachers, who were trying to poke it down from a tree.

The hunter was able to secure the frightened animal, and contacted the Wildlife and Environmental Protection of Trinidad and Tobago (WEPTT) to ensure his safety.

He was kept safe until he could be relocated.  

In a video posted to Facebook by the group, the animal, adorably named Fuzzball, is relocated to an unnamed wildlife sanctuary where he is undisturbed and able to move about freely. 

The Silky Anteater is one of two species of anteaters found in Trinidad, the other being the Three-Toed Anteater, or Matapel.

Both are protected species and not listed as a game species under the Conservation of Wildlife Act.

Keep up the good work WEPTT!


Photo: Silky anteater clings to conservationist's hands