Sunday 18 November, 2018

Sinanan: New window tint laws coming soon

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, said his Ministry will be reviewing and revising legislation dealing with vehicle tint regulations in the coming months.

Sinanan posted an update via Twitter on Thursday, urging the public to stay tuned to the Ministry’s social media accounts for updates.

“New and modern vehicle window tinting laws coming to T&T. Stay tuned to the @mowtgovtt for full information and updates,” Sinanan said.

Speaking to LoopTT, Sinanan said the legislation will seek to clarify the laws regarding acceptable tint levels for motor vehicle owners.

“For so long it has been arbitrary in terms of how these things are decided, so the Ministry will be reviewing these policies in an effort to bring more clarity,” he said.

According to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, “no motor vehicle front windscreen, side windows or rear window shall be painted, tinted or darkened to obscure the view from the outside to the inside."

However, there is no specification in the law as to what grade of tint is acceptable or not allowed, therefore the decision whether or not to fine a vehicle owner is at the discretion of the police officer.

Under the Act, a vehicle owner can be fined $2,000 for each heavily tinted window.

In February 2018, a petition was launched for the Ministry to review the laws regarding window tinting.


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