Friday 29 May, 2020

Six ways to tell your car battery needs changing

Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Being faced with a dead battery while out running errands or on the job is a real nuisance and can cost you hours in terms of productivity.

Batteries are also liable to run down overnight, for example, if a light was left on or a power adapter was left plugged in. Batteries can also be drained if there are faulty electrical components or wiring.

Did you know? Extremely hot or cold temperatures can also drain battery life.

But how does one know when the battery needs to be changed?

Here are five signs, according to auto mechanics:

1. The engine cranks or starts, but won’t come on

When trying to start the engine you can hear the engine cranking or turn over, but the engine just won’t start. There’s a chance that the battery doesn’t have enough voltage for the car to run efficiently.


2. Dim lights or the lights won’t come on

If your headlights or interior lights seem unusually dim or won’t come on, chances are you may need to purchase a new battery.


3. Intermittent problems with starting up/swollen battery

One day it starts fine, the next day it won’t start. This could be a sign it’s time for a new battery. Also if a battery appears to be swelling, it’s a clear sign it needs to be changed.


4. Too many jumpstarts

If your car requires more than three jumpstarts in the space of a week, there’s a high probability that the battery may need to be changed.


5. ‘Check engine’ light comes on

When the ‘check engine’ light comes on, it can mean various things, however, this can also occur when the car’s battery is weak.


6. Leaking battery

Fluid leaking from your battery may lead to corrosion around the battery poles (where the + and – cable connections are located). The gunk may need to be removed; otherwise, your car may not start.


Also, watch out for these tips when buying a new battery to make sure it is fully charged:

- make sure it’s fully sealed

- make sure it’s a 14-volt battery

- make sure it was purchased from a trusted manufacturer or business.

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