Tuesday 28 January, 2020

Sonja Pollonais' mission: body positivity with Lights, Camera, Curves

It's no secret that we live in a society that presents a skewed, unrealistic and even sometimes even dangerous message of what is deemed attractive in relation to body size.

In the face of that, Sonja Pollonais, Managing Director of Closet Red Plus Size Boutique is leading the charge with her own body-positive movement with her plus-sized fashion event, Lights, Camera, Curves (LCC). The annual event, which will be hosted on October 12 at Queen's Hall, is meant to celebrate the beauty of a plus-sized woman for an evening of beauty, fashion and empowerment. 

Hailed as the largest plus-sized event in the country,  Lights, Camera, Curves goes beyond the run-of-the-mill fashion show. The core theme of this year’s event will surround the concept of 'Transformation',  becoming body positive through fashion, showcasing five fashion runways, inspired by five colours, representing five moods of fashion.

"People who come to the show tell us that they feel so motivated and so positive afterwards, and that's because love is at the core of everything I do," says Sonja. "After the show, we always get this really high positive energy from guests who feel more empowered and confident about themselves. The plus-sized woman is an exceptionally beautiful woman and we celebrate that."

For this year's event, Sonja starred in her own film short to promote the event. Directed by Shannon Britto, the film short served a dual purpose, with a thinly veiled, yet direct message about rising above the toxic noise. 


Sonja shares some of the factors that inspired the short, including the crass comments made by former Minister of Health Fuad Khan about a plus-sized masquerader during Carnival.

"Earlier this year, the plus-sized community was publicly attacked. I didn't make a public statement at the time, but going into planning for this year's event, I said to myself that there was no way I could do this and turn a blind eye to what was said. It's because I'm considered a leader in the community I couldn't pretend what happened earlier this year didn't happen.

"Instead of posting a Facebook rant, I made a professional response through this video. This is just a statement to demonstrate that yes, we experience the same feelings as everyone else but we're continuing to move forward."

Model casting calls for Lights, Camera, Curves will be held on Sunday, September 1 at SHECasa Studio from 2.30 to 5.00 PM 

Tickets will be available soon. At the moment, guests can pre-order tickets to secure seats. Send a message with the number of tickets, name and contact number through Closet Red's website

Visit Closet Red's website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well as the event's Instagram for more information and updates. 

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