Wednesday 17 October, 2018

South bar slammed after worms allegedly found in beer

(Photo: Patrons complained of poor hygiene at a bar in South Trinidad, saying there were worms in their drinks.)

(Photo: Patrons complained of poor hygiene at a bar in South Trinidad, saying there were worms in their drinks.)

A bar patron took to social media over the weekend to complain of what he says are poor hygiene standards at a popular bar in South Trinidad, after he said he saw worms in his drink. 

Facebook user Romano Ragoonathsingh shared the photos and video to social media in a public post on Sunday, saying that due to the bar's poor standards, the nozzle of one beer canister was not cleaned properly which led to worms being poured into his drink. 

He said after they raised the issue with management nothing was done. 

"Video of one of the worm in the beer after we complained to the management to which they ignored us and played it off due to our canister tower being almost empty."

Ragoonathsingh was clear however that the quality of the beer itself was not in doubt, but the hygiene standards of the bar in question. 

"DISCLAIMER- Please note this has nothing to do with the (beer) product but its a misuse and handling of the washing and cleaning of the plastic tower and nozzle at that said establishment. Out of the two towers only one poured some worms and we even looked into the tower itself and no worms, but when we poured and the froth settled, then we saw."

"All we required was an apology and they pay more attention to the proper cleaning process of these containers etc.," he said. 

The post has gone viral with over 1,500 shares.

Citizens were outraged and said they would no longer patronise the bar.

Rachel Ann Baboolal:

"So what would they have done if the pitchers were still full or half even half full?! Resell them?! This is blatant disregard to people health! So if its not cold/stale food its worms in ppl beer! Alyuh keep giving these ppl who dont give a sh*t about ppl alyuh money!"

Petrina Jamila:

"Regardless of the cannister being empty or worms should be there period!!!! That proves that they haven't been cleaning their equipment and sanitising the area."

Gee David: 

"The fact that the manager did nothing s ridiculous she should of apologize and done some damage control it shows poor management skills."

LoopTT has reached out to the bar for comment.