Monday 17 June, 2019

South police boast: Six less murders for 2018 compared to 2017

The Southern Division of the police service (TTPS) is boasting a 10% decrease in the number of murders for the year to date when compared to the same period in 2017.

This was revealed by Southern Division Superintendent Yusuff Gaffar while addressing members of the media during the TTPS’ weekly media briefing at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, on Wednesday.

Supt Gaffar noted that there have been 52 murders in the division for 2018, six less when compared to last year. He says steps are being taken by the police service to reduce this figure.

“We aim to reduce this figure even further by partnering with key stakeholders and members of the public. Of note is that most of the homicides in the Division and also the country were committed with the use of firearms. We are therefore giving priority not only to the recovery of illegal firearms but proper investigations to ensure that we secure convictions to have these persons locked away from law-abiding citizens.”

Meanwhile, Southern Division Police recovered 120 illegal firearms out of a total of 753 seized from the nine policing Divisions across T&T for the year thus far. These seizures occurred from January 1 to September 30 and are one less than the 121 recovered for the same period last year.

Some additional crime statistics from the southern division are as follows:

Shootings and Woundings

There has been a four percent reduction in shootings and woundings from 69 in 2017 to 66 in 2018.

Larceny of Motor Vehicles

In 2017, 107 vehicles were stolen in the Southern Division from January 1 to September 30. For the same period in 2018, there were 73 vehicles stolen representing 34 less or a 32% reduction.


There were 324 robberies committed in the Southern Division for 2017 and 339 reported in 2018. This represents a five percent increase in robberies.

Serious Crimes

For the period January 1st 2017 to September 31st 2017, there were 1392 serious crimes reported. For the same period in 2018, there were 1,279 serious crimes reported. This represents 113 fewer crimes in this category or an eight percent reduction when compared to last year.


For the period under review, there were 248 persons arrested in 2017 while 254 persons were arrested in 2018 for DUI offences.

Detection Rate

The southern division’s detection rate currently stands at 36%. 


Officers performed 35,636 patrols in the Southern Division for the period January 1st 2017 to September 31st 2017 while in 2018, 41,016 patrols were performed for the same period. This reflects a 13% increase in patrols conducted in the Division.

School Fight

On September 27 there was a report of a fight involving students of the Princes Town West Secondary School. As a result, there was an immediate intervention to deal with this type of behaviour which resulted in an immediate turnaround in the behaviour of the students. Enquires were conducted and four students of the said school were arrested and taken before the court to answer a charge of assault occasioning a wound.

“We would assure the nation that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated at any school in the Southern Division."

Facebook Robberies

Recently there were several reports of persons being lured via Facebook to purchase vehicles. These unsuspecting persons were told to go to specific areas in La Romaine where they were then accosted and robbed by persons. As such, officers conducted enquiries and arrested and charged one person for these offences.

“These types of crimes are being investigated and relentlessly pursued to ensure that persons do not even think about committing these acts.”


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