Sunday 25 August, 2019

Speaker boxes stolen from Rio Claro church

Rio Claro Police are investigating a report of sacrilege at the Grace Evangelistic Outreach Ministry Church.

According to police reports, the church, which is located along Clear Water Road, Rio Claro, was secured at 10 pm on Tuesday.

At 7 am on Wednesday, 41-year-old Jennifer Lakhan returned to the church and discovered that it had been broken into.

The thieves apparently cut through a burglar-proofed window on the southern side of the church.

Checks were made and it was discovered that several items, namely six self-powered speaker boxes valued at $25,000, were missing.

A report was made and a team of officers led by Inspector Garcia and Sgt Maharaj visited the scene.

Workable fingerprints were said to have been recovered from the church by crime scene investigators.

PC Meighoo is continuing enquiries.

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