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Tuesday 11 August, 2020

SporTT fires five employees following forensic audit

Five people have been terminated from the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobao (SporTT) following the completion of the forensic audit into the company which was conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).

The probe was launched on July 19 into the operations of the company. The audit was linked to a million dollar contract awarded to a Chinese company for maintenance of the facilities at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

A statement from SporTT disclosed that the audit was "substantially" completed with a draft report submitted to the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The release also sought to provide an update on the eight employees who were sent on administrative leave which was later extended, pending the outcome of the audit. SporTT said some of the employees were fired as a result of the findings while others were let go for different reasons. 

"In relation to the 8 employees who were sent on administrative leave, a total of 5 employees have been dismissed. These employees were dismissed for various reasons but some were dismissed for conduct during the audit as well as certain findings made during the audit. No decision has been made to dismiss the remaining 3 employees at this time and it is expected that their contracts with SporTT will run their course."

SporTT said it would not make any further statements due to the sensitivity of the matter.

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