Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Starlite defends CEO after 'stupid holidays' Facebook post

The Starlite Group Limited has issued a statement in defence of its CEO Gerald Aboud who has been publicly criticized for his statements regarding two “stupid holidays” in the middle of this week.

In a release, the group said it was unfortunate that the comments were taken out of context and twisted into a racial issue.

It added that the entire situation stemmed from “one grievous person” who took a screenshot of the private post and shared it on the scandalous “Kick Out the PNM” Facebook group. The company said the comments were in no way malicious and that efforts to have it removed were met with malice from the group’s administration.

“Kick Out the PNM Facebook page, run by an anonymous group, sent out two venomous and heinous posts on 31st May 2018 as they normally do. When the CEO, Mr Gerald Aboud asked for his comments to be removed because it was a private post they sent out the second post with further damaging comments and attached a photo of Starlite Pharmacy. Threatening to “Up the Tempo” unless an apology was posted.”

The group said contrary to what was being perpetuated, Starlite Group does all it can to promote good business practices and actively supports local entrepreneurs regardless of the colour of their skin, religion or political affiliation.

“We work with community leaders and local vendors to do the very best that we can to improve our country but we are not perfect. We will continue to strive towards excellence, setting ourselves as an example of how we would like to see other areas of our community.”

According to Starlite, while it cannot fully protect itself against troublemakers, it can continue to work and strive towards goodness, honesty and integrity.


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