Thursday 1 October, 2020

Sunny Bling blanked from Machel Monday stage, vows never to return

Comedian and media personality Sunny Bling has vowed that he will never return to Machel Monday.

This after he was barred from performing with Iwer George on the show on Monday night.

Bling was expected to perform 'Doubles and Channa', a parody of George's song he created.

During his set, George called for the comedian but he never appeared. 

Addressing his non-appearance on Carnival's biggest stage during his Sunny at Sundown show on CNC3 Tuesday evening, Bling said he had been inundated with phone calls from fans wondering where he was.

Bling said he was backstage with a microphone in hand waiting to go on during George's set when Machel Montano passed him and said he could not go on stage because it is not 'that type of show '.

"I say Machel, you are the man, I respect you. If you say don't go on your stage, I won't go on your stage, you don't have to worry about that," he said.

He said he put down the microphone and was then approached by Tony Chow Lin On, Montano's business partner, who said the time was short and informed him that they spoke to George earlier that day.

"I said I was not personally informed of any of this and I am lost but I have great respect for you as well so I am not going on your stage but I won't be embarrassed so I am staying backstage until Iwer finish and we will leave together," he told Loop.

He said about four security officers appeared and he realised they were trying to make sure he didn't end up on the set.

Stressing that he is not mad at anyone, Bling said if he was notified there would be an issue, he would not have attended the event. 

"I was not attending the event at all. I accustomed buying my ticket to go this event and going in VIP and lime. I never get a complimentary ticket and never went backstage," he said, noting that he was excited to be a part of Carnival's biggest show. 

Stating that it was Montano's party and nothing was wrong with him choosing who he wanted on his stage, Bling said he won't attend the show again. 

"He said it wasn't that type of show and I don't know when it will be that type of show so I will keep my money in my pocket," he said.  

Asked if he will continue to perform with George, the comedian said when 'Savannah' came out he originally gravitated to it on his own.

"My father said when two elephants fighting the grass does get trampled. I am the grass. I am not saying I wouldn't support but I rather take nothing and go back to being a comedian so if they want to fight that is their business, they could do what they want, I do not need to be a part of anything. The people wanted to know what happened so is only fair that I tell them. I don't have a Road March to win or lose so this doesn't matter to me," he said. 

Stating that he is full of 'upful vibes', Bling said he is focused on his band Have a Time, which placed tenth in the medium band category last year when it debuted. 

He said the band is catering to those who can't afford to play mas as it is only $500 for a costume and masqueraders could bring their own drinks. 


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