Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Supermarket staff fights bandit, hand him over to police

One man is in custody after he attempted to rob a supermarket in California on Monday.

Swift action from the shop's employees resulted in the thwarting of the robbery and capture of the suspect.

The incident allegedly took place around midday and was captured on CCTV cameras in the building.

On the video, the suspect could be seen entering the store and posing as a customer.

On reaching the cashier, he lunged at the female worker and attempted to grab money out of the register.

He eventually came behind the counter to grab more cash.

As he was trying to make an escape he was confronted by employees of the supermarket.

In the three minutes that followed, staff attempted to detain the suspect, dealing several blows in the process.

In the aftermath, the suspect was apprehended, and the police were notified.

The injured man was handed over to law enforcement and was taken for medical treatment.

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