Wednesday 20 November, 2019

Suriname beckons Trinis to discover its wonders

Suriname is known for its eco-tourism

Suriname is known for its eco-tourism

Not enough Trinidadians are visiting Suriname and the country’s airline and tourism stakeholders want to change that.

On Wednesday night, officials from Surinam Airways and the Tourism Association were in T&T to reconnect with this market and showcase the country’s offerings before a room of travel agents and officials from Tourism Trinidad at Kapok Hotel.

Angela Landbrug, Corporate Planning, Surinam Airways, told Loop the airline operates flights from Trinidad to Curacao and Suriname but while the travelling public is acquainted with Curacao, they are much less so with Suriname.

“Suriname has resources that we think might be appealing to the Trinidad public and we are going to open up Suriname to Trinidadians and we are going to see how we can collaborate with the Trinidad Tourism Authority to open up Trinidad to the Surinamese,” she said.

The initiatives will seek to fill seats on Surinam Airways as it increases its flights to Trinidad to five days a week. From July 1, Surinam Airways will be flying on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Landbrug said the event on Wednesday was the first in a series of meetings they plan to have with the stakeholders.

“We will meet regularly with them in our efforts to develop new products and packages. Getting two worlds together, we think there is potential there, we only need to find the specific interests of these people and to cater to that to get them travelling," she said.

Landbrug said they will have a programme developed in cooperation with their tourism authority to have special packages from point to point and also in Europe where they will develop something like a Caribbean pass to allow travellers to visit both T&T and Suriname.

Suriname’s tourism is managed by the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association, an organisation formed by private sector interests working with the Government to promote the country’s tourism.

Natatia Gefferie, Secretary of SHATA, said the country has a range of hotels from luxury to Bed and Breakfasts and they are just looking for the tourists to fill them.

She said they are focused on marketing the country’s medical tourism, history and eco-tourism.

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