Monday 20 January, 2020

Suspect drops gun while fleeing from police in Moruga

A firearm which had all its markings filed off was seized in Moruga on Tuesday.

Loop News was told that officers of the Moruga police station, including PC Griffith and PC Horseford, were on patrol along Saunders Trace, when they observed a 28-year-old man known to them.

The man, police said, has been linked to several drug-related incidents in the past.

The officers called out to him but, upon seeing the officers, the man began to run.

While escaping, he pulled out an object from his waist and dropped it.

The officers seized the object - a black Walther Pistol loaded with five rounds of 9mm ammunition.

The weapon has been sent for ballistic testing and police say an arrest is imminent.  

PC Griffith is continuing inquiries.

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