Thursday 2 July, 2020

Suspected gang leader held in Morvant

A 23-year-old man, who has allegedly been linked to numerous criminal activities in the Morvant district, was arrested last night during a police exercise.

However, the suspect was not held because of new evidence which pinned him to any allegations, nor for being in possession of any illegal items.

Instead, the reason the suspect was arrested was that he was found to be driving in the Morvant community without a driver’s license, or proof of insurance.

According to reports, officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force, under the supervisions of Snr Sup Balram, ASP Ramesar, and Sgt Guelmo, were conducting routine stop and search exercises along the Lady Young Road, and in other areas in Morvant, when they had cause to stop and search a 23-year-old man from Second Caledonia, Morvant.

The suspect, police said, was known to them having been linked to several criminal activities, and was even suspected to be a gang member.

And while the vehicle was searched and nothing illegal was found, the suspect was still detained as he was unable to produce the necessary documentation required for driving.

The suspect is expected to be questioned and brought before a Port of Spain Magistrate this week.

Meanwhile, a police exercise in Morvant on Wednesday led to the discovery of a loaded firearm, camouflage clothing, and a quantity of marijuana.

Officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force carried out the exercise between midday and 9 pm.

The officers, under the supervision of Snr Sup Balram and ASP Ramesar, with assistance from Sgt Guelmo and Cpl Duncan, received reliable intelligence which led them to a home along Sawmill Avenue, Morvant.

The officers had cause to search an empty lot of land in which a crocus bag was found.

The bag was examined and inside the officers found and seized five packets of marijuana - weighing a total of 2.64 kilogrammes - along with a .22mm chrome and brown pistol loaded with four rounds of ammunition.

The officers also found and seized one camouflage army pants and a jacket.

No one was arrested in connection with these finds.

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