Saturday 11 July, 2020

SWMCOL and Green Market create a parking incentive to recycle

SWMCOL and the Green Market Santa Cruz have teamed up to create an instant incentive to recycle beverage containers by waiving the parking fee for the Saturday market for those patrons who bring at least 10 recyclable beverage containers (glass, plastic bottles, tetrapak containers, and aluminium cans). 

The trial project will be launched on Saturday, February 16 during the Green Market Citrus Festival and will run until further notice.

“We continue to explore options to encourage recycling and sensitize the public to the importance to the environment of proper waste disposal” explained Ronald Roach, CEO of SWMCOL. “So we are elated that the Green Market is partnering with us in this pilot project to reward patrons for their efforts at recycling.

The containers should be rinsed and in the case of plastics flattened or crushed. 

“Part of our dedication to sustainability means improving our abilities and capabilities to recycle”. Rheanna Chen encouraged us with her initial zero waste campaign last year. “Now we are delighted to be working with SWMCOL to embed the habit of recycling in our community and of course the wider national society,” said Green Market founder Vicki Assevero.

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