Monday 1 June, 2020

SWRHA: No pregnant woman died at SFGH waiting on bed

Reports that a pregnant woman fell and died at the San Fernando General Hospital after a long wait for a hospital bed on Monday night are false.

The South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) rubbished the claims, stating that such assertions are only aimed at disrupting and causing fear and panic in patients served by the Authority.

The SWRHA’s comment comes in response to a Facebook post “Pregnant woman just fell down and die in San Fernando General Hospital since yesterday she waiting on a bed health system is d worst in Trinidad,” in circulation Monday night.

Making it clear that the claims in the post were libelous, the SWRHA said it still investigated the allegations.

“Regardless of the malicious intent of this post, the South-West Regional Health Authority continued to pursue its normal course of action and investigate the charges made and have found them to be inaccurate.

For the last 24 hours, the bed capacity at the Obstetric Department remains at a manageable figure with beds being available. It should be noted that pregnant women can seek care via both the Emergency Department (ED) and the Labour Ward.”

The SWRHA added that pregnant woman are triaged at the ED and seen as a priority.

Based on their complaint, they can be directed to various specialty wards.

Five deaths were recorded Monday night, four being warded patients and one male at the resuscitation room.

The Authority assured the public of its commitment to the continued provision of quality healthcare to all citizens.

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