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Monday 10 August, 2020

TATT calls for revision of Massive Gosine's "Rowlee Mudda Count"

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has weighed in on the controversial song by Nermal "Massive" Gosine called "Rowlee Mudda Count" and have labelled the track "inappropriate" and "derogatory" to mothers. 

TATT CEO Dr John Prince, in a statement, called on Gosine to address the issues within the song as it breached the Draft Broadcasting code based on its lyrical content.

"The authority is of the view that the statements in this song can prove to be inappropriate and derogatory to mother figures who place an important role in the enrichment and development of our society. We are therefore urging you, in the interest of ethical and moral standards; that you pay due regard to the obligations of your concession and the conditions within the Draft Broadcasting Code and take appropriate action."

The Regulation of the Telecommunications and Broadcasting sectors is governed by the Telecommunications Act Chapter 47:31 (the Act).

TATT noted that the legislation establishes and empowers the Authority to regulate the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, including the management of spectrum.

The Authority, therefore, reminded that Clause D9 of the concession granted to broadcasters states that:

"... the concessionaire shall not:

 transmit any programme, information or other material which degrades or portrays in a negative manner or discriminates against or encourages discrimination against any person or group by reason of race, origin, class, religion or sex."

In light of this, TATT is calling on Gosine to cooperate and treat the matter with the due care and attention that is required in the circumstances. 

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