Wednesday 26 February, 2020

Teachers told to report for duty at Edinburgh school

Teachers at the Edinburgh Government Primary School have been asked to report to work after walking off the job citing health concerns.

This, as a report from the Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Agency (OSHA) found that the school was fit for occupation.

Teachers refused to work at the school, complaining of pigeon droppings, skin, eye and respiratory irritations and air quality concerns.

A site visit and inspection by officers from the Public Health Inspectorate on November 12, 2019, found no evidence of pigeon droppings.

The public health officials noted that the nylon, wire mesh pigeon proofing installed throughout the internal and external perimeter of the school, prevented the pigeons from gaining access to the compound and roosting in the eaves, cantilevers and on the spotlights.

A report was subsequently issued confirming that the school was fit for occupation.

According to the Education Ministry the teachers other complaints of skin, eye and respiratory ailments, were deemed to be “unjustified” under Section 15 of the OSH Act.

On the complaints of the air quality on the compound, OSHA personnel noted that the school buildings were sanitised and sterilised by Century 21 Janitorial Services and Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Limited in October and in November 2019.

OSHA officials, therefore, ruled that there was no serious and imminent danger to the teachers’ health, in accordance with Section 15 of the OSHA Act.

The Ministry has submitted copies of the OSHA report to the Caroni Education District which will be made available to the Principal and TTUTA Representatives.

The Ministry has instructed that all teachers report for duty today, based on the findings by OSHA.  

To ensure the continuation of curriculum delivery that was interrupted during the period of closure of the school, a District Leadership Team, comprising members of the PTA, TTUTA, officers from the Student Support Services Division and School Supervision will be dispatched to the school.  

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