Saturday 30 May, 2020

Teen in court for family member's murder

A 19-year-old who fatally stabbed 32-year-old Dave Maharaj in December, has been charged with murder. He will appear before a Princes Town Magistrate today. 

Maharaj was stabbed during a family lime at a home along Sisters Road in Hardbargin Village. on December 22.  

The suspect was held last week during a police investigation conducted by Sgt Elvin, PC Nelson and PC Lewis.  

Over the weekend, officials from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions were consulted, and investigators were given instructions to charge the teen with murder. 

According to police reports, at about 4am on December 22, Maharaj was at the home with other relatives when he got into a confrontation with the 19-year-old.  

The confrontation became physical, police were told, and the 32-year-old slapped the young man in the face ‘several times’.  

The suspect attacked the 32-year-old and during the struggle, he managed to secure a sharp object which he used to stab Maharaj to the upper torso.  

Maharaj fled a short distance away and collapsed on the ground.  

The suspect fled the scene.  

The police were notified, and the injured man was rushed for medical treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital, however, he was pronounced dead on arrival. 

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