Tuesday 23 April, 2019

Dillon tells Padarath "shut up" during no confidence motion debate

He is no stranger to being asked to leave the Parliament, however, Princes Town MP Barry Padarath seemed to hold the lesser end of the stick when asked to walk out by Deputy House Speaker Esmond Forde during a motion of no confidence brought against National Security Minister Edmund Dillon over the crime situation on Friday. 

Dillon took the floor to defend himself and reject the motion brought by Naparima MP Rodney Charles. He began by implying that the UNC was unpatriotic. Shortly after, he told the Princes Town MP who appeared to disrupt him to "shut up."

“Margaret Thatcher once said that if a lady has to say that she is a lady then she is not. Patriotism must be shown, manifested in your actions in what you do and what you say. And let me tell you something...MP for Princes Town, shut up."

Dillon's comment garnered the support of the government and uproar of the opposition.

On hearing the statement the deputy house speaker did not flinch but stood when Padarath shouted repeatedly that the Minister was “the most shameless member of national security”.

Padarath continued calling the Minister “shameless” even after the deputy speaker remained on his feet for roughly 30 seconds.

The House speaker then asked him to leave.

"Member for Princes Town kindly vacate the chamber, please".

Forde then admonished all members of parliament although his message seemed more geared toward the Opposition.

“Members, ok members. Honourable members... honourable members, once we recognise the standing orders, my job will be very easy. As the deputy speaker I’m going to recognise the standing orders and I’m going to maintain the decorum of this house, honourable or otherwise. I say no more and I only recognise the member for Point Fortin."

Dillon went on to reject the motion.

"I rise today in response to a motion that I outwardly reject. We are all concerned about the murder rate in this country. To lose one life is one too many," he said.

The Minister then spoke about his impact on crime as he noted an increase in crime detection since his tenure.

"Detection rate for serious crimes stood at 31% in 2017 compared to 19% in 2012."

As the debate on the motion of no confidence continued, scores of protesters laid on the ground outside the Parliamentt, some chanting "Dillon must go".


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