Saturday 24 October, 2020

Tennessee man lights self on fire on Facebook live

A Tennessee man died of his injuries after setting himself on fire on Facebook Live over the weekend.

A report by WMC said Jared McLemore recorded himself while on Madison Avenue, Memphis, pouring gas on himself then setting it alight, just after midnight on Saturday.

He reportedly then rushed into a nearby bar while on fire, whereupon bystanders tried to help him put out the flames.

Police said he was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition with severe burns on his body.

He later died from his injuries.

The report says nearby video surveillance shows the man on fire inside of the bar and people escaping.

Witnesses say the act was connected to domestic abuse between McLemore and his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Moore.

McLemore’s family released a statement thanking responders and others for helping him.

“The family of Jared McLemore would like to thank the first responders and medical team at the med for their actions during this horrific time in the early morning hours Friday. No one knows how devastating this is for family to see on video and being reminded over and over in social media.  Jared was our child, brother, nephew, cousin and friend and we loved him immensely.  He has been struggling with bipolar disorder for 19 years and was in active treatment.  Please let him rest in peace. Thank you.”

Moore’s family also issued a statement:

“Jared's family is also in Alyssa's heart. We want to make clear that this happened because of a perfect storm of domestic abuse, the stigma around it, and the visceral reality of mental illness. Alyssa tried to help Jared, and she also had to keep herself safe from him. The police were involved numerous times, and she had an active restraining order.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook has stepped up action in monitoring posts or content that may indicate an intent to self-harm.


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