Friday 10 July, 2020

THA hosts annual Pan Champs

Steelbands in Tobago will have their day as the Tobago House of Assembly and Pan Trinbago Tobago Region host the annual THA Pan Champs 2019.

Carded for Friday, February 22 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium Car Park, Bacelot, Tobago, the competition starts at 7 pm.  Admission is $100. (adults) and $50. (children).

Nineteen bands have registered in three categories. Metro Stars (Single Pan Band), Our Boys (Small Conventional Band) and Katzenjammers (Large Conventional Bands) will be defending their respective titles.  The following is the list of competitors, their selections and arrangers:-

Single Pan Bands

  1. Pan Fanatics: Hookin Meh                                 
  2. Hope Pan Groovers: Rag Storm                           
  3. Metro Stars: Pan By Storm                               
  4. Royal Palm Illusion: Pan By Storm                     
  5. Natural Mystic: Hold Yuh Bam Bam                   

Small Conventional Bands

  1. Our Boys: Hulk                                       
  2. T&TEC New East Side Dimension: Hello                                                   
  3. Uptown Fascinators: Hulk                                               
  4. Steel Sensations: Gih Dem Tempo                        
  5. C&B Crown Cordaans: Sweet Fuh Days                          
  6. Alpha Pan Pioneers: Calling Meh           
  7. West Side Symphony: Bacchanal                                       
  8. Tobago Pan-Thers: Sweet Fuh Days                             
  9. Plymouth Bethesda Steel Sensation: Pan In A Minor                                        

Large Conventional Bands

  1. NLCB Buccooneers: Madness                                        
  2. Carib Dixieland: Pan On Fire                          
  3. Katzenjammers: Stranger                               
  4. NGC Steel Xplosion: Sing In She Party                        
  5. RBC Redemption Sound Setters: Iron Love                                      

Junior bands will have their “moment of glory” at their very own Junior Panorama on Monday, February 25 at the Goodwood High School. Starting time is 9 am.

All steelbands will be competing for cash prizes and the THA Challenge Trophies.

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