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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Today’s Tech Tip: Fixing format disk prompt – Part 1

We’ve all seen it.

The dreaded, "You Need to Format the Disk in Drive" message, seems to appear just when you most need to get that document or relax to a movie you haven’t seen in a while.

So what do you do when your USB flash drive or external hard drive just would not work?

Take these simple steps first to avoid the formatting and access your files.

Connect the drive to your computer, but don’t click that format button.

Instead, right click on the drive through the “Computer” folder, and then click “Properties".

The “Tools” tab is where you’ll want to be. There you will see options such as “Error-checking,” “Defragmentation” and “Backup".

Make “Error-checking" your first stop by clicking “Check now.”

Click on the “Defragment now” button next, to help fix your drive. Once the “Defragmentation” is finished, check to see if you can access your files.

Stay tuned if this method does not do the trick, as we will touch on a more technical method of trying to fix that drive next time.

It’s always best to backup your files, whether your storage device is working well or not; a good USB flash drive may be crushed or otherwise damaged and then you’re back to square one. So be proactive and have backups to your backups!

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