Wednesday 21 August, 2019

Top Cop stands by ‘one shot, one kill’ policy

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is standing by his statement of “one shot, one kill.”

Griffith, in statement on Wednesday said he notes the headline in the Trinidad Guardian, which he said is in total contrast to what is being said in the article by the person interviewed.

The Commissioner is therefore questioning the motive behind such a headline.

Griffith said even if one person says he is wrong, the fact is that over 90 percent of polls among citizens, including those in authority suggest otherwise.

The Commissioner of Police added that certain persons, whatever their agenda, need to stop wasting time in propagating what he described as sensational headlines.

 “I am not changing my stance and there is nothing that they can do to alter it. Anyone who aims a firearm or shoots at my officers, they have my full support to fire back and it is not to injure,” Commissioner Griffith declared.

He said he believes these ‘foolish comments’ can do nothing other than cause police officers to have that one second hesitation, which can in turn cost them their life.

Griffith said he hopes this is not the intention; and is reminding all officers to ignore those who are trying to tell them how to do their job.

 “When you aim at a target, it is not to injure and police officers are all given regular training on ranges to ensure they practice at the marked targets in the eventuality of armed confrontation. For reporters who do not know, the targets are for head and chest shots.”

The Commissioner added that it is poor marksmanship to be firing dozens of aimless shots at your target and missing, and even probably hitting an innocent bystander.

He said the policy therefore remains “whenever my officers shoot, it is to neutralize the felon.”

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