Friday 30 October, 2020

Top YouTubers in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic has the number one YouTuber in the Caribbean.

According to data from Top Dollar Financial Insights Hub, El Flaco WTF has 4.27 million subscribers, making it the top YouTube channel in the region.

Jamaican YouTuber Yanrique is in second-place with 785,000 subscribers while Barbados’ Brilliant News is third with 580,000 subscribers.

Cuba’s LifePles follows with 538,000 subscribers while Trinidad and Tobago’s Certified Sampson rounds up the top five with 241,000 subscribers.

Top Dollar compiled the top YouTubers in every country in the world using statistical websites Social Blade and Vidooly to find out which YouTuber has the most subscribers.

To calculate each channels earnings, they used Banner Tag to find the average daily views for each channel and estimated how much it was earning using a site called Noxinfluencer, which estimates earnings based on views and subscribers.

The region’s popular YouTubers create content spanning a range of genres from gaming to food.

El Flaco WTF is a social media sensation who started his channel in 2015 in which he gives lively and entertaining commentary on videos and events. According to Top Dollar, he earns US$54,018 a month.

Yanrique Wright, an online gaming personality, is said to earn US$50,266.20 a month while Barbados’ Brilliant News, which is said to be located in Barbados, is a quirky talk show about things on the Internet. It is hosted by the Gutierrez Brothers. Brilliant News earns an estimated US$158.5 K monthly.

Top Dollar said from their research the most popular YouTuber in the United States is a six-year-old Russian-American girl named Anastasia Radzinskaya, who is estimated to earn $7.7 million a month from her videos.

Swedish gamer PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg has the most overall subscribers on the video platform, netting 105 million total subscribers, earning him approximately $1.16 million a month.

Here are the top YouTubers in the Caribbean

Dominican Republic: El Flaco WTF 4.27 million subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $54,018

Jamaican: Yanrique 785K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $50,266.20

Barbados: Brilliant News 580k subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $158.5 K

Cuba: LifePles 538K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $70,728.90

Trinidad and Tobago: Certified Sampson 241k subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $19,381.50

Haiti: Komedyen Lakay Official 197 K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $4, 290.90

The Bahamas: Crypto Beadles 92.7 K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $2401.80

St Vincent and the Grenadines: The Motivator 2 48.1 K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $60.30

St Kitts and Nevis: Dr Mungli 33.5K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $873.00

St Lucia: The Dating Guru: 28.0K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $31.50

Dominica: Chanel Raphael 23.5K subscribers, estimated monthly earnings: $1880.40

Grenada: Laura Forde: 23.2K, estimated monthly earnings: $610.50

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