Saturday 24 October, 2020

Torture, rape, abortion, at just 12: Mom and stepdad held

Updated: 8:50 pm

Three people appeared before a Sangre Grande Magistrate on Thursday, charged with 125 counts of various offences relative to the sexual abuse of a minor, since the victim was 12-years-old. The child's grandmother was granted $10,000 station bail while her mother and stepfather were denied bail and remanded into custody. They will reappear in court on July 24th.

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Stolen innocence, a heinous sex crime and a gross betrayal of trust.

A Sangre Grande teen has suffered five years of repeated sexual abuse and torture, since the tender age of 12. The culprits? Her mother and stepfather...with a grandmother who knew, but failed to act.

The names of the alleged perpetrators have been withheld in order to protect the victim's identity.

On the morning of July 5, the Eastern Division Child Protection Unit (CPU) received an anonymous call about the sexual abuse of a Sangre Grande teenager who is now 17.

After an extensive investigation over a five-day period, a 60-page statement was recorded and a medical obtained. It exposed explicit details of sexual abuse corroborating her claims. She was forced to participate in threesomes with her mother and stepfather from 12, being made to perform lewd acts including vaginal, oral and anal sex.

The teenager's nightmare didn't end there. She also said her mother forced her to have sex with several other men when her stepfather temporarily left the relationship. Investigations are also continuing into the girl's revelation that she had gotten pregnant during her four years of torture and abuse and was forced to have two 'backstreet' abortions. 

Police executed a search warrant at the home of the victim's 37-year-old mother and her 34-year-old partner who is a taxi driver.

The man was charged with the following:

1. 43 counts of abuse of a position of trust and familiar relations to wit sexual penetration

2. 34 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity (jointly charged with mother)

3. Three counts of serious indecency

4. Three counts of grievous sexual assault

5. One count using a vehicle for indecent and immoral purposes

6. One count of indecent assault

7. One count of sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 14

The girl's mother was charged with the following:

1. 34 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity

2. One count of abuse of a position of trust

Meanwhile, the teenager's grandmother was charged with two counts of failing to report the sexual abuse of a minor.

The girl has been referred to the Children's Authority for counselling. 

These charges were brought against the accused under the leadership of Supt Chandool, ASP Guy Alleyne, Acting Insp Baptiste, Sgt Renee Bain-Keller, Acting Sgt Felix and WPC Guerra Kerr. 

The entire Eastern Division Child Protection Unit pooled its resources and team to ensure that the trio was slapped with a total of 125 charges. The three adults are expected to be brought before a Sangre Grande Magistrate on Thursday.

Editor's note: If you have information regarding child abuse, please contact the Children's Authority urgently on 996 or 800-2014.  

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