Thursday 3 December, 2020

Tourism Youth Clubs explore Paramin

The Tourism Youth Clubs of the Manzanilla Secondary School and the Naparima Girls’ High School went on a tour of Paramin on December 13 in commemoration of Caribbean Tourism Month.

Under the expert guidance of Classic Tours, the members of the youth club visited the stunningly beautiful stained glass church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, journeyed to the fourth highest mountain peak on the Northern Range - La Vige, toured the seasoning factory in Paramin, learnt some French Patois from the village elders, enjoyed the sweet sounds of parang and witnessed a mini re-enactment of Carnival Monday with the world renowned Paramin devils.

The Ministry of Tourism recently joined with Caribbean neighbours in celebrating Tourism Month with a sustained and heightened month-long focus on the importance of tourism to the national economy between November and December.

The primary objectives of Caribbean Tourism Month were to rally the nation behind the tourism sector by highlighting the possible role(s) each person can play in the development of the sector, raising awareness about the diversity of our tourism product and the tourism sector as a whole. The Ministry of Tourism is currently hosting a series of tours to the hidden gems within Trinidad and Tobago in order to expose the local citizenry to the beauty, history and heritage of our tangible and intangible tourism products.

The Ministry of Tourism commenced the establishment of tourism clubs in schools in order to create greater awareness about tourism among the nation’s youth. 

The tourism clubs are meant generate additional platforms for more open expressions and exchange of ideas regarding tourism related activities, impress upon the younger and upcoming generation the importance and relevance of tourism in their career path and therein generate a positive attitude towards tourism and make the younger generation eager to participate in the developmental activities of tourism.

Taken on tour of Paramin via the ever popular four wheeled ATV vehicles, the members of the Tourism Youth Club of the Naparima Girls’ High School and Manzanilla Secondary School indicated that the tour was an enlightening, informative and exciting experience. The experience was especially enriching given that the students were from South Trinidad and have never been to Paramin. It was a great selling opportunity for the students as they learned how to promote their own country.

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