Friday 4 December, 2020

Trade Minister: No shortage of food supply in T&T

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Paula Gopee-Scoon, says Trinidad and Tobago has nothing to worry about when it comes to the supply of food for grocery stores and supermarkets. 

“The food imports and basic needs imports have been pretty robust, so things have been coming in,” she said. 

Making an appearance at the Ministry of Health’s virtual media briefing, Gopee-Scoon reiterated that different initiatives are being employed to ensure there is food security for the foreseeable future, including spot checks at different ports of entry. 

“We too have been keeping a close eye on food and essentials; the cleaning products, the medication and that kind of thing and they’ve been coming in. This is why we feel so comfortable that there is food security in this country and this is apart from the security that we have via our agriculture products and so on,” she said. 

With manufacturing plants, factories and even farms abroad feeling the burn due to COVID-19, Minister Gopee-Scoon did admit that T&T has had its own challenges, but none large enough to warrant concern. 

“We are not directly affected. I think our businesses have had their hands and eyes on things, we’ve been having a good flow. Our Minister of Finance has given commitment that we would have the necessary foreign exchange to ensure that our basic food supplies do come in as usual and they have been coming in and we thank him for that intervention,” she added. 

Minister Gopee-Scoon says some of the price increases noted in the food supply sector have come from the difficulties attached with suppliers who may have had more obstacles in providing stock. She says the government is working with the private sector to keep things at a manageable level. 

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