Sunday 25 August, 2019

Trade Ministry updates list of used car dealers for 2019

Image via Only Motors.

Image via Only Motors.

The Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has updated the list of authorised used car dealers registered with the Ministry’s Trade Licence Unit (TLU) for 2019.

The Division advised consumers to refer to the updated list before entering any financial arrangement.

The list of 373 dealers, which includes the names, address and registration number of the respective suppliers should be used as a guide by buyers who are considering the purchase of used cars to select an authorised dealer.

The list categorises dealers/businessmen who have met established criteria as mandated by law and registered by the TLU.

Persons are advised when purchasing used cars to complete the following checks:

-          The dealer is registered with the MTI’s TLU

-          The vehicle tyres are approved by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards

-          The stipulated age requirements for the vehicle year is adhere to (Gas/Hybrid vehicle is at most four years old or Diesel vehicle is at most three years old)

-          The vehicle is inspected carefully (preferably with a mechanic) to ensure functionality, before purchase

-          A warranty is received upon purchase

When a vehicle is purchased from an authorised used car dealer, the CAD/TLU is empowered to intervene and lend support in the event of a complaint. 

The list of registered used car dealers can be found on the MTI’s website at or the CAD’s Facebook page @consumeraffairstt.

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