Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Transport Ministry denies crackdown on vehicle inspection

The Transport Ministry has denied that it has engaged in a crackdown exercise on vehicles which have not been inspected.

The statement follows the circulation of WhatsApp messages claiming that the Traffic Warden Division and the Transport Division have embarked on this action.

It said the inspection of vehicles is in fact an ongoing process conducted by Motor Vehicle Officers alongside the Police Officers throughout the year, and is not restricted to the Carnival Season.   

The Ministry has advised that the fine for non-inspection or expired inspection stickers is $5000.

Owners of commercial vehicles are required to have their vehicles inspected on an annual basis at the Transport Division at a cost of $300.00

Private vehicles with a manufactured date (not date of registration) of five years or older are required to have their vehicles inspected at an authorised testing station every two years. Owners of these private vehicles are required to pay a fee of $165 for inspection.

Owners of Private and Commercial vehicles are required to submit their Certified Copies to begin the inspection process.

The Ministry stressed that all vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition at all times. Please be guided by the following information.

A list of 78 authorised dealers for vehicle inspection was also provided (in gallery below).

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